Sunday, August 21, 2011

Prepairing for Another Week of School

     Here we are late Sunday , getting ready for our first full week of school and this weekend all I have heard is about Sebastian wanting to go back.
  DH and I still can't get over the difference in his behavior in just three days ! Today he has started to have a little trouble listening to us but considering he woke up so early today I am not too surprised by that fact. 

   We have a ECE meeting scheduled for Tuesday and I am so worried that they are going to want to remove him from his class... maybe he needs additional assistance ( okay , so we know he will need SOME regardless) but I hopefully I can explain to them clearly enough how much he is gaining in there daily. I am attempting to fade more and more into the background in the classroom so he is forced to become more independent - doesn't seem to be an issue. He is more concerned with the other kids and the teachers than he is with me... lol.  

  Well, I am getting tired and I have a busy day of Kindergarten ahead tomorrow so I better get to bed ...Try to write more tomorrow !
 Night all   ;)

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Susan said...

Good luck! I hope things go better this week. It's great that Sebastian is excited for school! I hope they come up with a plan that allows him to stay in the class.